Three's Company: The Ultimate Motel Room Fuck-a-thon with Your New Counterpart


My wife and I had been married for a few years, and were looking for something to spice up our relationship. We stumbled across a website that offered a three-way experience with a new counterpart in a hotel apartment. We were both nervous but excited at the same time. We arrived at the apartment and were greeted by a very attractive man. My wife and I were a bit intimidated, but he was very kind and reassuring. We all got comfortable and started to chat. We soon realized that we had a lot in common and the conversation flowed naturally. The three of us ended up having a great night together. We laughed, joked and even shared a few intimate moments. We were surprised at how comfortable we all felt together. At the end of the night, we all agreed that it was a great experience and that we had all enjoyed it. We left the apartment feeling closer than ever before.

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